First achievement of 2021

I have completed an online training workshop titled ‘Supplemental Instruction Supervisor Workshop’ offered by the International Center for Supplemental Instruction. The workshop was scheduled from 6 to 8 January and we were interacting globally with the instructors from Kansas City … Continue reading First achievement of 2021

A new approach to tutorial class

Similar to laboratory courses, tutorial classes have also been conducted online in 2020/21. Online-and-offline mode was practised in my Chung Chi College General Education course, in which the tutorial was conducted on Zoom as well as through face-to-face meeting; interestingly, … Continue reading A new approach to tutorial class

PGT Biochemistry and Diseases II

I am so excited to offer the course titled ‘Biochemistry and Diseases II’ for the Program of the Gifted and Talented (PGT) during the summer. It was a three-day weekend online course (between 15 and 29 August) with a morning and an afternoon session each day. This course covered topics, such as endocrinology, renal function, bone profile, and electrolyte balance. I had humbly reckoned that not many students would be interested in such a challenging course; but in the end, it turned out that 24 extraordinary students successfully completed the course. The enrollment of 24 students was indeed an amazing … Continue reading PGT Biochemistry and Diseases II