Dinner with alumni


Since many of our students are interested in working in medical laboratories and biotech companies, we had the pleasure to invite three alumni (Ada, Samuel, and Sandra) to have a dinner gathering with our students on 21 January 2019.

Ada is now working in a medical laboratory, with many experiences in the handling of clinical specimens; Samuel is working in a commercial laboratory specialized in microbiology, where his experiences in the experiments of various types of bacteria are of great interest to our students; Sandra is currently working in a biotech company studying diabetes. Her unique experiences as a Medical Laboratory Technologist are inspiring to our students.

During the dinner, I was also surprised to learn that many of our current students were well prepared for their future career: some of them had already had the work experience in the major chemical and haematological laboratories in Hong Kong!

I wished that 2019 is going to be a successful year for all of them.

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