CUSA Student/alumni teaching team 2020/21

CUSA3003 Biological Science Student Knowledge Enhancement Course will be offered in the autumn of 2020 because of suspension of face-to-face teaching during the summer time. As usual, I have invited a number of talented Biochemistry students and alumni to form the teaching team. This year, Alan, Angus, Chloe, Samuel, and Sandra are invited again; moreover, I have also invited Simon (upper left of the group photo), Sarosh (in the middle of the group photo), Benny (middle right), and Julia (in the bottom).

Since we will be conducting the course online, we can take this opportunity to invite the alumni who are currently overseas, for example, Simon is in Singapore, Sarosh is in London, Benny is in Tokyo, and Julia is in Sidney. I wish this is going to be a meaningful network to our students.

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