2017 PGT Spring Term course


On 6 and 13 May 2017, another course related to applied biochemistry was offered to 14 gifted and talented students; two of them had also completed the previous applied biochemistry course held in Winter Term.

The rationale to offer applied biochemistry courses to Secondary School students is that many of them have a lot of potential in science, where we should make some extra effort to provide the opportunity for them to explore and develope their interests.

The 2 units of applied biochemistry courses covered topics related to biochemical toxicology, cancer, forensic biochemistry, human genetics, neurochemistry, pharmacology, on top of some basic biochemistry and physiology. These topics are advanced and tailored for students with potential. It is anticipated the courses will be offered again in academic year 2018-19. I hope the potential students can explore their interests again then!


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