Experiential learning


In summer, the School of Life Sciences of the Chinese University of Hong Kong  (CUHK) offers some lab visits and activities to Secondary School students, who are interested in studying life sciences.

On 27 June 2017, I was involved in a PCR workshop to provide some foundation training to 24 students; I hoped they could take home some useful experiences and knowledge for their study in the future.

In fact, student activities or experiential learning is a very important element in Biochemistry Programme of CUHK, for example, in addition to the practical courses, lecture courses, such as BCHE4090, are integrated with plenty of in-class activities, which encourage students to apply what they have learnt in class. In my humble opinion, this kind of learning is essential and it works well.

Student activity in BCHE4090
Experiential learning in BCHE4090

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