CUSA2013 2016/17

CUSA2013 Great Discoveries in Biomedical Sciences (Senior Class) is essentially an upgrade of CUSA1013, which has been offered in previous years. The reason for the upgrade to the senior class is because of the curiosity of our students: they want to know more about the latest advances in biomedical sciences, for example, there are additional topics related to 1) quorum sensing, 2) prion disease, 3) induced pluripotent stem cell, and 4) organ transplantation, which are indeed exciting fields of study.

CUSA2013 was offered on 8, 11, and 15 July with 24 remarkable students. We had some good time during the course. It is anticipated that the course will be offered again in the summer of 2019, and hopefully, our students will meet again to study some interesting topics of biomedical science!


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