CUSA Student/alumni teaching team 2017/18

Student teaching team 2017/18; from the left Andrew, Alan Fung, Alan Lee, Susan, Chloe, and Angus.

In the summer of 2018, I propose to offer two Science Academy of Young Talent (SAYT) coureses: CUSA1013 and CUSA3003. Both courses are offered every other year; where CUSA1013 was re-designed to be offered to Form 1 to 3 students since 2015/16.

As usual, many talented Biochemistry students will be recruited to form a student teaching team (2016/17, 2015/16, and 2014/15). While a few of them have been involved for years.

There are many outstanding students in the Biochemistry Programme every year, from the photo above, for example, Andrew, Alan Fung, and Susan are outstanding final year students in Biochemistry Programme; Alan Lee and Chloe are talented postgraduate students who have completed their Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry. Angus is a ‘veteran’, who completed his Biochemistry Bachelor Degree, Chinese Medicine Master Degree. He is now doing Pharmacy and he will become a pharmacist (with a strong background in Biochemistry and medical research) serving our society in the future. Alan Lee, Chloe, and Angus are all experienced in my courses.

From the photo below, Angel and Jacky joined CUHK after completing their Bachelor and Master Degrees, respectively. Jacky had been a teaching team member of my course when has was a student. Coco is a current Biochemistry Year Four student planning for her career in education. Agatha is turning a new page to develop her speciality in dentistry. All of them are competent students and alumni from Biochemistry Programme.

Student and alumni teaching team 2017/18: from the left, Angel, Coco, Jacky, Agatha, Andrew and Chloe again. Angel and Jacky have graduated and they are currently the staff of CUHK.

This year (2017/18), I have the pleasure to invite two alumni to share their experience with my students. They did their final year project with me for their Bachelor Degrees. Both of them are interested in applying what they learnt from the University for work; where both of them opted for a career related to laboratory testing and clinical diagnostics. Sandra, for example, has registered as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. She is now working in a biotech company in Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks for a project related to diabetes. Samuel has got a nice career in the microbiology laboratory within an international testing company in Hong Kong. He is particularly interested in the tests for infectious micro-organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. I am glad to learn that they have a good career since they graduated in 2016.

Through the platform of SATY, I hope my students can have a chance to come together and bring some positive influence to each other; hopefully, it is the heritage of the Biochemistry Programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Alumni teaching team 2017/18: Sandra (left) and Samuel (right).

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