Adult education

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Dated back to 2009, I have been involved in adult education, such as the Master of Science Programme in Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences (BBMS) and other Secondary School Biology Teacher and Technician training workshops offered by the Education Bureau. In BBMS, I have been involved in courses related to methods and clinical biochemistry non-stop for close to ten years. In BBMS6200 Methods in Biochemistry, for example, the students can learn through a series of nicely designed experiments; in my humble opinion, it is indeed a refreshing experience for adult students, who decide to come back to school. In BBMS6120 Clinical Biochemistry and Diseases, for instance, the students can learn to handle real clinical specimens and they can also have a valuable opportunity to visit one of the best clinical laboratories in Hong Kong!

Personally, I am interested in having classes with students, from Secondary 1 to Master Year 2. For me, it is a fantastic experience that I can observe the students growing from a teenager to a well developed adult. Perhaps, it is the meaning and value of education that I start to appreciate.

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