CUSA1013 again!


It was my pleasure to offer CUSA1013 Great Discovery in Biomedical Discoveries again for the second time on 25 August 2018. This summer course was dedicated to Secondary 1 to 3 students, hoping to foster their interest in biomedical science. In terms of the course contents, we did not intend to touch on those advanced theories; instead, we tried to tell some interesting stories as well as some everyday life principles of biomedical science, such that Secondary 1 students could also understand.

Personally, I enjoy interacting with teenagers. In my humble opinion, teenagers should learn with fun. Educationists, therefore, may want to consider adopting some activity approach to facilitate teenagers to study in a relaxing environment. In this regard, I have started to explore the possibilities of classes based on group activities or group games. Hopefully, this idea can become a real course in the future.


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