Scientific Training and Mentoring for STEM talents

It is my honour to be one of the lecturers of the Tier I Life Science course of the Scientific Training and Mentoring for STEM talents organized by the Faculty of Science, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The School of Life Sciences offered a course titled Biochemical Perspectives in Health and Disease. This course was composed of four lectures and one assessment session, scheduled from 6 to 12 August. Since face-to-face classes were suspended due to Covid-19, the course was conducted online via Zoom.

My two lectures were held online on 10 and 11 August and I was so glad to meet close to 80 talents again. In the lectures, I selected some important knowledge related to immunology, microbiology, and biotechnology. In my humble opinion, I wished my students could have some strong background of infectious diseases in general. To achieve this, I also prepared some in-depth online exercise for them, in addition to the online lectures.

For Tier I course, we focused on knowledge; whereas in Tier II course, we shall emphasize on practical skills; I am sure that most of the students would be promoted to the next stage in Spring 2021 and good luck!

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