A new approach to tutorial class

Experiential learning of the Chung Chi College General Education course

Similar to laboratory courses, tutorial classes have also been conducted online in 2020/21. Online-and-offline mode was practised in my Chung Chi College General Education course, in which the tutorial was conducted on Zoom as well as through face-to-face meeting; interestingly, the first offline face-to-face class was related to experiential learning, such as hotpot dinner, which was a kind of the leisure activity for the students in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

For BCHE3092 Self-study modules in Biochemistry and professional development, this tutorial class is also a pre-capstone course that focuses on the training of research and generic skills. In 2020/21, the tutorial class had to be conducted on Zoom because there were some international students staying out of Hong Kong.

It was a brand new experience for me as I have never imaged a tutorial class to be conducted online!

Virtual presentation in BCHE3092 Self-study Modules in Biochemistry and Professional Development

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