Courseware Development Grant Scheme 2019-22

According to a news report titled ‘Nearly 60 per cent of Hong Kong youth looking to leave city, new study says, with Covid-19 and economic uncertainty believed to be behind rise‘, close to 60% of people aged between 15 and 30 in Hong Kong wanted to leave if possible. Their optimism in the city rated 2.95 out of 10.

As an educationist in Hong Kong, I absolutely know the frustrations of the youth there (refer to my previous post); one of the major difficulties is career development. As described by the same report, the pessimism was believed to be linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and global economic downturn.

Knowing this situation, I have taken an initiative to apply for a Courseware Development Grant (CDG) with an important objective to facilitate the career development of our students. I have started some pilot studies to see how can we help our students identify their right career directions; hopefully, some preliminary findings can be obtained for sharing in the near future!

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