Vaccination rate in Hong Kong

Today is 11 February 2022 and it is the first Friday after the Chinese New Year Vocation. The number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases reached a record high these days. Hong Kong University estimated that the situation in March could be even worse. Indeed, three deaths had been reported before; there were two more death cases reported today. All the five cases were related to the elderly. The trend is worrying!

(Photo credit: UK Health Security Agency)

On 28 January, the death rate was zero. After two weeks, there were five death cases of the elderly reported. Let us take a look at the COVID-19 vaccine weekly surveillance reports again: the latest results (as shown in the table above) showed that for people contracted with COVID-19, three doses of vaccines clearly reduced the death rates among the elderly. It is the reason why we ought to refer to the rate of vaccination in Hong Kong: as on today, 81.1% of the population received their first vaccination and 73.3% had two; where the target rate is near 100%. I wish that people older than 65 years old should get vaccinated to protect themselves.

(Photo credit: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)

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