CUSA1023/1033 in 2023

This summer, CUSA1023/1033 Great Discoveries in Biomedical Sciences Practical One and Practical Two are proposed to be offered again with some brand new contents. Dated back to 2015, the two practical courses were first offered; it has been eight years since then and some of the students of the two classes should have already graduated from a university.

Hong Kong is transforming to be a regional education hub, with an emphasis of innovation and technology; yet, there is a lack of talent in Hong Kong, I am motivated to re-run and revise the two practical courses accordingly.

The two practical courses have to be conducted face-to-face and the class size has to be small to maximize the learning efficiency; owing to the unexpected responses from the applicants this year, only an extremely small percentage of applicants can be entertained, with priority given to those demonstrating strong interest in life science research. Evidence, such as recommendation (letters), personal statement, and/or the completion of Science Academy for Young Talent or Program for the Gifted & Talented courses might help. In the meantime, students are also encouraged to take courses offered during the summer holiday both locally and overseas.


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