PGT Biochemistry and Infections

In Spring 2018, I continued to offer a new course titled ‘Biochemistry and Infections’ for the Program for the Gifted and Talented. Twenty outstanding students joined and successfully completed the course. Some of them had joined my other courses since I first met them when they were in Form 3 or Form 4; they are indeed very very talented students, who do well in class. I believe they will be joining their favourite Programmes in the University and become the future of Hong Kong.

In fact, this course has long been requested by the alumni of my other courses, and I am glad to make it available this year (it took a while for me to design and optimize the course, such that some abstract concepts could be delivered to my students effectively). In my humble opinion, although the knowledge of immunology could be a bit intellectual (or challenging) for Secondary School students and even for students in the University (both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students), immunology is a remarkably useful and important discipline in Biological and Medical Science. Some basic immunology ought to be our ‘common sense’.

Owing to this, I will try to further improve the course to include topics related to 1) immunity against fungi and parasites and 2) some typical immunological diseases, such as auto-immunity and hypersensitivity, by expanding the two-week course into a three-week one. Provided I have the time, I will try to realize this revised course and make it available every year. Hopefully, my students can gain some more ‘common sense’ related to immunology!


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