The tradition of BCHE4640

In addition to new directions, there are also some traditions of ‘dry lab’ skills training in BCHE4640 Aspects of Neuroscience Laboratory, for example, we have been collaborating with the University Library to offer tailor-made workshop for our students. In the workshop, our students can learn to search for the literature from other disciplines, such as psychology, anthropology, and social science, which can further enrich the knowledge base from a multidisciplinary perspective. Moreover, as a useful transferable skill, our students will also learn to search for government documents and old newspaper decades ago. Furthermore, Biochemistry Programme emphasizes on professional integrity; all students are required to respect academic honesty: they are required to learn and use proper citation methods to acknowledge the sources of information. The workshop also provides training on the use of some common reference citation software to our students.

Photo credit: The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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