Learning Biochemistry through games



As discussed last year, in 2018/19, I tried to employ some new pedagogical approaches to teach Biochemistry for Secondary School students between the age of 12 and 14. A brand new course, CUSA1103 Learning Biochemistry through games, was offered on four consecutive weekends on 6, 13, 20 and 27 July. Unlike other traditional courses, this course pay more attention to the students’ needs for cognitive development, such as small group work experience and problem solving cooperative games. The course does not emphasize on memorizing scientific theories or factual knowledge, which might create some stressful and competitive environment; instead, science is presented in many stories, which promote a relaxing and fun learning atmosphere.

I am so glad that all the eight classes were all full, suggesting the immerse interest in Biochemistry among the students in Hong Kong. The valuable feedback from the students will be analyzed; hopefully, an even better course based on games will be offered again in 2020/21!


Class A
Class B
Class C
Class D
Class E
Class F
Class G
Class H

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