CUSA2013 2018/19

CUSA2013 Great Discoveries in Biomedical Sciences 2018/19 was offered on 10, 14, and 17 August 2019. I am feeling grateful that in spite of the chaotic situations of Hong Kong recently, we were able to complete the course as scheduled; all our students could concentrate on the classes and enjoy the environment of CUHK.

This year, there were 54 outstanding students enrolled; CUSA2013 is designed to be an introductory course that provides some relevant background for our students, who may be interested in biomedical sciences; they are also encouraged to explore other subjects and disciplines.

As many of them were interested in doing experiments and they wanted to study some other advanced contents, they are recommended to take other experiential courses as mentioned previously. Participation of iGEM on behalf of their Secondary Schools could also be a memorable experience; for students who are interested in other advanced topics, certain courses offered by PGTSAYT, and HKAGE could be good options for them too.

CUSA2013 is expected to be offered again in 2020/21; let us hope that everything in Hong Kong will be better than ever before!


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