PGT Biochemistry and Diseases I & II


I offered two biochemistry courses related to diseases during this winter. In Biochemistry and Diseases I, there were 16 talented students; in Biochemistry and Diseases II, which was held on 27 January and 3 February, 13 gifted students had successfully completed the course. In fact, there were three outstanding students who completed the two courses in a row.

The two courses covered aspects of biochemistry related to 1) liver, 2) blood, 3) heart, 4) hormones, 5) kidneys, 6) bone, 7) cerebrospinal fluid, and 8) electrolytes of the body fluids. Since the courses are tailored for gifted students who are immensely interested in the biochemical basis of human diseases, the topics of the courses are rather specific and challenging. In my humble opinion, the courses could not be offered too often, as the number of target students might not be so high; it is anticipated the courses are likely to be offered again in 2019/20, and hopefully, a new course of the series, Biochemistry and Diseases III (altogether, there will be six weeks of whole day courses), could be incorporated to cover tentative topics related to 1) genetic/metabolic disorders, 2) cancer immunology, 3) nutritional therapy, as well as 4) the principle of disease markers. If students are interested in doing experiments, they are recommended to join other popular experiential courses offered by PGTSAYT, and HKAGE, for example; other topics will also be included based on the feedbacks of the alumni of my courses.


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