Face-to-face well timed

With reference to my prediction based on the most relevant data to Hong Kong, I scheduled four face-to-face practical sessions on 15, 20 and 29 October and 3 November for BCHE4640 Aspects of Neuroscience Laboratory and BCHE4760 Haematology and Immunology Laboratory. Gratefully, my prediction seemed to be correct and all the practical sessions between October and November ran smoothly.

For laboratory courses in Term 2 2020/21, as I anticipate a risky period to be from January to March, any face-to-face sessions could best be scheduled in late May or June. Let us check when will the fourth COVID-19 outbreak occur in Hong Kong, which is likely to begin when there is an apparent drop of average temperature in January and February after the Christmas and New Year holiday of Hong Kong.

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