CUSA2013 2021/22

I am so delighted that, after two years, CUSA2013 Great Discoveries in Biochemical Sciences (Senior Class) was offered again, face-to-face, on 13, 20, and 27 November 2021! This Autumn, 48 remarkable students successfully completed this course as usual. It was also a tradition that some outstanding students and alumni from Biochemistry Programme of the Chinese University were invited to join the teaching team 2021/22: Chloe and Angus were veterans; Elsa made her first appearance in a film we made before; where Bertha and Michael were new members of our team. There are indeed so many talents in Biochemistry Programme!

For the first time in my STEM courses, a dedicated booklet has been printed out to be distributed to my students for free. Hopefully, I will prepare one more booklet next year; and I will try to offer a lecture-based STEM course again for Form 1 to Form 3 students next summer whenever it is feasible.

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