2022 Online teaching statistics

Owing to the fifth outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong during the first half of 2022, online teaching mode was adopted in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Until July 2022, I have conducted eight online courses after the Chinese New Year vocation. There were four Biochemistry undergraduate courses, one University General Education course, and three STEM education courses; 105 online sessions were offered, among which 58 were online small group tutorials dedicated to laboratory course called BCHE4830 Medical Biochemistry. Together with other online sessions, such as Science Interview 2022 and Global Talent Mentoring, there were 109 official online sessions.

For my Panopto statistics, there were 35,215.3 minutes or 586.92 hours delivered to the student audience. The total view count were 5,114. The figures appeared to be more promising than the half-year figures in 2020; in fact, the half-year figures in 2022 were close to the whole-year data in 2020 and 2021! My students seemed to be getting used to online teaching mode; which was a good phenomenon!

In addition to the quantitative data, or the figures described above, it was also worth noting some qualitative feedback from the students enrolled in Medical Biochemistry. Owing to the online teaching mode, face-to-face teaching in the laboratory was not possible. In order to enhance the learning experiences of the students, online small group tutorials were offered for the first time. Fortunately, it was well received by the students and it could provide a possible alternative of laboratory courses, when face-to-face teaching is not possible due to safety reasons. Hopefully, I will write up some evaluation to reflect on this teaching arrangement specific to laboratory courses.


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