2021 Online teaching statistics

Until July 2021, I have conducted 16 online courses in academic year 2020/21, staring from September 2020 to July 2021. There were six Biochemistry undergraduate courses, one Biochemistry postgraduate course two University General Education courses, two College General Education courses, two Life Sciences Capstone courses, and three STEM education courses. Fortunately, many of my other STEM education courses have already resumed normal face-to-face teaching mode.

In 2020/21, there were 97 online sessions offered; together with other online sessions, such as Science Interview 2021, Science Competition, and Global Talent Mentoring, there were 103 official online sessions. For all my online courses in 2020/21, I have produced 336 Panopto videos; there were 41,800.3 minutes or 696.67 hours delivered to the student audience. The total view count were 6,647. I am very much intrigued by the numbers and the findings are going to be published and presented in the near future!

Looking forward to 2021/22, I hope more and more courses shall switch back to face-to-face teaching mode and our life shall be back to normal again.

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