2020 Online teaching statistics

After one of my previous posts, there are some updates of the statistics of my online teaching.

Until December 2020, I have totally conducted 19 online courses: 6 before July and 11 from August to December 2020. Among those 11 online courses, there were three STEM courses (Scientific Training and Mentoring for STEM talents, Biochemistry and Diseases II, and Biological Science Student Knowledge Enhancement Course), one Life Sciences Capstone course, four Biochemistry courses, and three University and College General Education courses.

In summary, there were 99 online sessions so offered: 41 before July and 58 from August to December 2020. If other online sessions, such as those for Virtual Orientation Day 2020 and overseas conferences, there were 101 official online sessions conducted in 2020.

In terms of the Panopto videos, 227 were produced: 55 before July and 172 since August 2020. There were 41,096.9 minutes or 684.95 hours delivered to the student audience; with a total view count of 3,657 in 2020.

I love data and numbers tell (part of) the truth; I believe the figures presented are going to be a very good tool to evaluate the effectiveness of my online teaching. I will continue to look into more data and try to improve my skill set in 2021.

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