PGT Biochemistry and Diseases I & II 2022-23

I felt so grateful that the two Program for the Gifted and Talented (PGT) courses had completed in spite of my illness. Biochemistry and Diseases I was originally scheduled on 23 and 28 December 2022, and Biochemistry and Diseases II was on 30 December 2022 and 7 December 2023; the schedule was quite interesting as we were supposed to pass Christmas and the New Year together. Regrettably, after the completion of the first class on 23 December, I became ill and the schedule of other classes had to be revised. It was the first time ever I had my class schedule changed because of illness; I felt so sorry for this.

Fortunately, I managed to become healthy enough soon and the two classes completed successfully in the end. The fourth offering of Biochemistry and Diseases I was still unexpectedly popular; all the 25 brilliant students were so motivated to adopt to the revised schedule in the morning of 21 and 28 January. For Biochemistry and Diseases II, the fourth offering was rescheduled to 7 and 14 January; with 10 outstanding students remained. We actually passed Christmas, the New Year of 2023, and the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit face-to-face together! It was a memorable year to me.


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