Neuroscience, education, and psychology

Since my teaching career has begun in 2009, I realized that there was some progress: initially, I was a scientist in the field of biomedical science. My specialties were cancer and natural product research, immunobiology, molecular endocrinology, and neurogenetics.

Over the years, I started to conduct some pedagogical or educational studies so as to improve the teaching effectiveness not only for the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the university, but also the gifted students in secondary schools. Gradually, I gained some international exposure and established some network overseas, for example, I am very happy to serve as a reviewer of some educational journals.

Until more recently, I took the initiative to look after the well being of my students, such as academic consultation, coaching, and career facilitation. In my humble opinion, this initiative is quite related to psychology. Indeed, it is a priority for my students these days.

Just a couple of days ago, I was excited by a valuable reviewer opportunity; in which, I was able to review a paper related to neuroscience, education, and psychology. I can now comfortably describe myself as interdisciplinary; personally speaking, this interdisciplinary combination of specialties is quite meaningful and it is what I can see in the future.

Hopefully, I will write up some articles or blogs for this sooner or later!

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