PGT Biochemistry, Immunity, and Infections I

As mentioned before, I planned for updating the course ‘Biochemistry and Infections‘, which was first offered in 2018 under the Program for the Gifted and Talent (PGT). I thought about a three-day course that time; yet in the end, I decided to divide the course into two: Biochemistry, Immunity, and Infections I and II.

On 17 and 24 July, 12 outstanding students completed ‘Biochemistry, Immunity, and Infections I’. Similar to ‘Biochemistry, Immunity, and Infections II’, that course was also intellectually challenging. We had some fun with many daily examples, through which we learned about some fundamental concepts of immunology for infections, face-to-face!

This summer, I noted that some students would go to study abroad. As usual, I recommend my students, who are interested in challenging topics, to work hard on mathematics; it is going to be useful for their medical and/or science career in the future. On the other hand, they can also explore other disciplines, or they can join other practical courses to gain some experience in the idea of ‘scientific method‘.

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